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“I graduated on December 16th, and 7 weeks later received a very good job offer which I accepted. I was also well accompanied by my career coach who gave me precious tips as to how to change my CV and LinkedIn. She also helped me find jobs which were a good fit for me. (*Thank you Rachel!!*)”

Alla Lebedeva

“In summary after finishing the bootcamp, I received support from my career coach and within 6 weeks of job hunting I got 3 offers and I chose to work for one of the companies that I met during the career event organized. I am now a full-stack developer very happy to start my new career! I would like to say THANK YOU to all the team”

Meriem Bannouri

“After finishing the course, the career services were able to set up a bunch of interviews for us. I was able to get a position within a month, and am now starting my journey as a full stack developer.”

Nirojan Karun

Why career services works

Knowing how to sell yourself to employers in a competitive market for junior talent is the only way you will be successful. We've learned many tricks over the years, and our coaches will openly share them with you.

We will educate you on the common mistakes most job searchers make, how to stand out in a pile of resumes, and how too confidently get through an interview.

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